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Association 1st International Event

World Association of Amateur Cyclists

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The Biggest Amateur Cycling Event of New Zealand 2018

  • Venue: Hamilton, New Zealand

  • Event Date: 28th November 2018

  • Time: TBA

  • Categories: Rockstar 200K
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About Association

World association of Amateur cyclists was founded by veteran cyclist Bob kickman and his club members in 2012.

In first year they had only 237 members, Now his dream spreads in 153 countries. Association Will organize World Cup of amateur cyclists in Canada, to pay tribute to our founder on his 100th birthday at His birth place Laval Quebec on 16th August 2021. The purpose of the network to assemble the Cyclists to address issues, Share ideas and offer solutions, Hosting international Cycling Championships to develop the sport and giving message and efforts to promote Green Earth. Overall, the goal of the Waacy is to unite all cyclists by providing a valuable resource and support network. Starting with roots.

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Rockstar 200K The Biggest
Amateur Cycling Event of New Zealand 2018