WAACY International Development Department


WAACY International Development Department

The WAACY International Development Program which was initiated in December 2017 co-operates with member National Associations in a partnership to develop and promote Cycling worldwide. Within this partnership the WAACY International Development Program provides National Associations with the resources to organize and operate the educational programs within their country.

However, the WAACY does not operate development within nations but aim to assist a country with its development programs. Ultimately it is the National Association's responsibility to provide the highest quality of instruction, training and supervision in order to operate their own programs and educate their own membership.

World association of Amateur cyclists
World association of Amateur cyclists


The WAACY and the National Associations work in a partnership to enhance the game of Cycling globally.

Our interest is in developing the game of Cycling globally with internationally compiled resources of coaching, player, officiating, medical and administrator material.This educational material is designed to be used as the core development program for any WAACY member National Association or as a supplement to an existing program, already being operated.

World association of Amateur cyclists

Mission Statement

Our challenge is to support each member National Association in the growth and development of Cycling within their country in order to foster and develop the game of Cycling around the world.

We will assist National Associations to educate their own members.

In our quest to develop players, coaches, administrators and game officials our aim is also to develop life skills in the youth of the world through the game of Cycling.

World association of Amateur cyclists


Our aim is to compile an international library of coaching, player, administrator and officiating educational materials, including books and videos which have been developed by the WAACY and its member National Associations.

We will discuss each country’s requirements and provide them with the best assistance possible to develop the game within their own country’s culture and Cycling Infrastructure situation.


The five educational programs listed below make up the WAACY International Development Program.

  • WAACY Coach Development Program.

  • WAACY Official’s Development Program.

  • WAACY Junior Cyclists Development Program (including Player Development).

  • WAACY Medical Development Program.

  • WAACY Administrator Development Program.

World association of Amateur cyclists