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Since 2012

Our Company History

The WAACY, founded on March 10, 2012 in Laval, Canada, By Veteran Cyclist Mr. Bob Kickman. it is the body of international Amateur Cyclists. The WAACY features 273 member associations, each of which is working for the progress of cycling. Besides controlling the international rulebook, processing international player transfers, and dictating officiating guidelines, the WAACY runs numerous development programes designed to bring Cycling to a broader population. The WAACY is Organizing World Championships at all levels, men, women, juniors under-20, juniors under-18 and women under-18. Each season, the WAACY in collaboration with its local organising committees, runs around 6 different World Championships in the five different categories.

World association of Amateur cyclists

Besides the world championships, the WAACY also runs a set of European club competitions and a World Championship in inline Cycling. In 2021, the WAACY will celebrating its Founder's 100 year Birth anniversary, honoring it with a host of ambitious World Cup In Laval Canada, the 100 Top Stories of the Century, charity events, children's development programmes, and the launch of the Bob Cup.

The Purpose of the network to assemble the cyclists to address issues Share ideas and offer solutions For Worldwide problems to this incredible sport.


The WAACY will promote Cycling by delivering exciting and engaging global events around the world. Find out more about the upcoming WAACY events in event section.

World association of Amateur cyclists

Our Motto

The WAACY will lead the continued drive towards more competitive, entertaining and meaningful Cycling for Pros and Amateur Cyclists. We are glad to provide a single platform for all the cyclists around the world.

World association of Amateur cyclists


The Goal of WAACY is to unite all cyclists by providing a valuable resource and support Network to address the common issues of cycling community.

World association of Amateur cyclists


Founded in 2012, the World association of Amateur Cyclists (WAACY) is a federation of member national Cycling associations governing the sport of Cycling for both men and women.

The objectives of the WAACY are

  • To govern, develop and promote Cycling throughout the world.

  • To develop and control international Amateur Cycling.

  • To promote friendly relations among the member national associations.

  • To operate in an organized manner for the good order of the sport.

World association of Amateur cyclists

The WAACY will take all necessary measures to attain the following:

  • Conduct the affairs according to its Statutes, Bylaws and Regulations.

  • Arrange sponsorships, media coverage, license rights, advertising and merchandising in connection with all WAACY competitions.

  • Hold a clear jurisdiction of Cycle and in-line Cycling internationally.

  • Uniform international regulations and official playing rules.

  • Aid in the development of young players.

  • Aid in the development of coaches and game officials.

  • Organize all events of the WAACY.

  • Oversee the international transfers of players.

  • Establish contact with other sports federations and groups.